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The warning sirens aren’t making it any easier to concentrate. Yes, you know the ship was hit by satellite garbage, the hole in the side that all your belongings are pouring out of made that quite obvious. Blep barks anxiously but encouragingly. What a good dog. Always there to help. You and Blep enter your respective escape pods and give each other knowing looks. “I’ll find you on the surface!” you say. “Boof!” responds Blep. 

Well, this isn’t what you expected when you signed up for Mx. Blorkensmol’s Xenoarchaeology 1302 study abroad program to the planet Earth. But you’re here now, so you may as well put your semesters of Earth cultural knowledge to use. You know you’ll still need to turn in your report. But how on Earth, so to speak, are you supposed to find…

Blep On A Big Strange Planet

Visit random locations in Streetview and search until you've found Blep (the first dog you see). Document your findings along the way. That's it! A relaxing scavenger hunt and creative writing prompt for your anxious self. 

I made this for Libre Baskerville Jam, but now that I look at the jam page, I see I didn't exactly follow directions (but I did the one that really counts). I'm sorry for using backspace, I don't know how not to. 


Blep on A Big Strange Planet.pdf 1 MB


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I found Blep!

On the way I documented:

--A strange temple that seems to store food for the priestly class

--A giant metallic beast with a visible stomach

--A strange plant

--Handwritten language

--The existence of large societies (20 humans!)

--Blep, who seemed to have grown quite a bit (they were much larger, with more humanlike hair, and they seem to now own hard shoes that I can't seem to break off).

I was very happy to find Blep.


💕💕💕 this is lovely, thank you for playing and documenting your experience! Ms. Blorkensmol gives you an A+