Sometimes it's hard to make things. Sometimes we're too focused on the wrong goals. Sometimes it's hard to talk about. 

I decided to make a bitsy game because I had trouble finishing things this year. I poured everything into professional goals which fizzled out in the end, and sacrificed my personal projects and personal intimacy in the process. I felt lost, and all around me were the bits and pieces of things I had started and left by the wayside. My first instinct was to gather them all up and keep going, but I was in a fog and the pieces fumbled from my grasp. I needed to finish something to remind myself that I could, so I knocked this out in two days at the coffee shop. I had no idea what direction it was going when I started, but I ended up processing a lot while making it, and that's what this game is about. 

It's not perfect, and part of me wants to go back endlessly and make edits, but that wasn't the goal of this piece. It's finished. I hope you get something out of it :)

This started as Claire Morley's bitsy tutorial and quickly morphed into something else. I highly recommend it! It's made with so much love that it teaches more than just mechanics. 

Published Jan 01, 2018
Tagsbirds, Bitsy, bitsyjam, depression, hope, self-care, snow


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really like the bird sprite and also oh boi that was an experience! thank you for making this, its really good

Lovely!! <3 


playing this was a moving experience - thanks for making and sharing this! without spoiling anything.. the way you subverted the expectations you set up early on was really effective for me

Adam, that means so much coming from you! Thank you. I made this at a time when I was having trouble doing anything, let alone finishing a project (okay, so maybe that time has not totally passed). Your tool made it possible for me to express that, and finishing something was a much needed boost after I had started and abandoned so many "chunks" of projects that were laying around, taunting me. I really appreciate Bitsy, and I have no choice but to take your words as encouragement and inspiration :)